BG Polo Vero Beach

"The 2500 year old game of polo is one of the fastest, roughest, and most challenging sports played today. It matches the skills of both horse and rider, a duo which must make split-second decisions together.” (“BG Polo Vero Beach..”).

There are 4 players on each team. Like most sports, each player is responsible for a specific position (“BG Polo Vero Beach..”). The responsibility of Number 3 is similar to the NFL’s quarterback - they create plays and hit the ball up field to offensive players. Number 1 & 2 are both offensive players. Number 1, however, aggressively moves forward to take a pass to the goal.  Number 4 plays defense, however, any player can make a goal. Each player is matched to an opponent on the other team, whom he seeks to “ bump" or “hook" to keep him or her from taking the ball (“BG Polo Vero Beach..”).

Polo began as a calvary training game for war in Central Asia, with as many as 100 men on each side (“History of Polo”). As the sport gained popularity, polo became a source of entertainment, played by nobility and military leaders (“History of Polo”). This blue-blooded, aristocratic impression remains attached to the game of polo today. Every Sunday, patrons and spectators, dressed in designer attire, participate in tailgating prior to the sporting event. Their tables are lavishly decorated with delicious foods and pales of fine wine and champagne. It’s a tailgating experience inversely proportionate to a typical sporting game day. A sea of dresses, dress slacks, sports coats, & oxford loafers line the edges of the 10 acre field. The proper cheers, clapping, and clinking of glasses with every goal echoes across the field.

In case any Pretty Woman fans are wondering, Divot Stomping is a REAL tradition at polo matches! I was so excited to participate!

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