New Beginnings: Finding Myself On My Own

In college, I always enjoyed challenging my creativity with self assigned work. Since graduating from Indiana Wesleyan University's Art Program last month, the cord has been cut from my professor's and collaborative peers. I've learned the true meaning of "self-assign." Instead of self-assigned photographic scenarios, I am self-assigning & seeing through actual business plans to implement. I am self-assigning & working through networking opportunities to meet professional collaborative peers. I am self-assigning paid assisting gigs with established commercial photographers. I am also self assigning & implementing plans with paying clientele to establish relationships & create job opportunities! I am in the middle of developing contracts with clients I've dreamt of reaching out to! These self assigns are building the foundation of my practice, and they are leading me to the commercial photography career I've always dreamed of living! 

In this first month of transition, I'm still finding myself personally & professionally. I'm blessed by the consistent, professional opportunities I've been given thus far, & I'm working on figuring out whom I'm called to be in this world. In the mean time, I'm working to keep my skills honed, & my heart open to where God calls me!


Stay tuned for releases of photos from upcoming contract gigs, BTS photos from Assisting work, & photos from collaborative shoots!

Elese Bales1 Comment