Behind the Camera - Who Is Elese Keturah?

I want to take some time to introduce myself. In a commercial business like my own, one can easily hide behind a camera or a screen of images. It is part of my business mission, however, to personally connect with each of my clients and colleagues & build long lasting relationships of trust. So, who is Elese Keturah?

I am a commercial photographer from the Indianapolis area. I was introduced to photography at a young age when my mother enrolled me in the youth program, 4H. I quickly fell in love with the art of photography. It became my creative outlet in high school and through my first two years of college as a nursing major. After switching my major to professionally pursue my passion for photography, my raw talent was greatly developed and refined. It was during this time, that I discovered my great love for commercial photography. My professor and mentor, Rob Curfman (, inspired and pushed me to reach past any former expectations I had for myself as an artist. He taught me to be intrinsically motivated, and I owe my career to him. Because of these efforts, I am currently living my dream job as a freelance, commercial photographer for hire around the midwest and beyond.

In short, my goal as a photographer is to meet the needs of my clients with fresh, unique, and creative perspective to capture what they are envisioning for their company or brand. With my education in commercial and fine art, I come to each task with sharp attention and a discriminating eye to detail. (

Aside from photography, I am greatly passionate about my supportive friends and family - specifically, my parents and fiancé. Without their constant love and encouragement, my dreams would not be my current reality.

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