Senior Exhibit Featuring House of 5th


“The rhetoric of the photographic image is powerful enough to convince us, in the instant that we glimpse at an advertisement, that what we are seeing is real and to disavow the knowledge that we are looking at models in a highly constructed scene (and therefore disavow that the dream we see is unattainable)” – Stephen Bull (Photography)

As a photographer, my goal is to meet the needs of each client with fresh, unique, and creative perspective to capture the essence for their company or brand. For my exhibit, I partnered with Truen Jaimes, owner & designer of House of 5th ( and L Modelz Model Management's new face, Katy B ( My work depicts four of House of 5th’s high-end, leather handbags. The underlying drive behind the exhibit is to show my capability of producing and meeting the needs of an actual client with professional work for a brand. The ability to promote a supposition of individuality, while simultaneously attracting a multitude and wide range of consumers to a single product, is no small task. Some may call it devious, while others would call it genius.

 The four diptychs display studio product images paired with lifestyle fashion images. The presented diptychs show a twist between realism and desire. The exhibit’s concept explores the ideas of "reality versus fantasy" within the medium of photography. A lot of women buy high-end, expensive handbags to help them achieve the fantasy they envision for themselves. They want to buy the product as a means to become the young, successful, socialite depicted in the fashion images. The handbags are material accessories, yet consumers buy them to enhance the persona they want to portray to others. It is a façade almost as fantastical as product photography itself. 

( Hair and MuA: Tricia Foster)